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Why Harvesters Ministries Exists

Church Planting

Our goal is to reach people with the Gospel and through evangelism, plant as many viable churches as possible in a short period of time to help them grow in their faith.

Our aim is to reach as many people with the Gospel as possible. We believe that this can be achieved by planting as many viable, self-replicating churches as possible in the shortest possible time.

Multiplication church planting means that churches multiply themselves through evangelism. Evangelism happens in an intelligent and planned way to plant churches where previously there were no other churches.

Saturation church planting is achieved when churches are multiplied in a specific region until every place inhabited by people has a functional, biblical church to serve that community.

Pastoral Training

Pastoral training and mentoring to grow sustainable leadership is provided through a three-year course at the Hub Churches.

The Purpose of the Harvesters Pastoral Training course:

The purpose of the course offered by Harvesters Bible School (non-SETA accredited Skills & Training Provider) is to make an affordable yet valuable education accessible to mostly illiterate pastors who lack prior learning and access to pastoral training, by offering an occupational pastoral training course that focusses on equipping student pastors to become well-rounded pastors within the Harvesters Hub Church Planting Model (job-oriented-occupational course). NOTE: Because of their lack of prior learning, Student Pastors would not normally have access to pastoral training as they would not meet entrance requirements.

Sustainable, Accessible and Affordable Pastoral Training

At Harvesters we understand that Pastoral Training is one of the greatest needs in the Missions World today. Bad teaching and even heresy are very real possibilities without proper training. Proper training is however not accessible or affordable for those who need it most. Harvesters offers a pastoral training opportunity to people who would normally not be able to overcome the manifold barriers such as language, illiteracy, lack of prior training, lack of finances, lack of accessibility, lack of infrastructure and many more.

Pastoral Training is spread over three years in six phases/semesters.

There are six semesters of training for student pastors within Harvesters Hub Church Model. Each semester utilises a different manual (book). Each manual contains a semester’s worth of work through 25 lessons. One hundred and fifty lessons to complete all six semesters from Phase A – F. In addition, the Hub Leader Manual is taught and supplied to Hub Leaders during kick-off training.


Evangelism is at the heart of all we do. We believe that evangelism is the biblical model for growing the church. Therefore, we train all Hub leaders and student pastors in evangelism. The heart of man chart is central to the method we teach, but we believe that all evangelism should happen through a love for the community that is to be reached.


All new believers should be mentored to grow up into the fullness of Christ. This process is called discipleship. It requires the intentional teaching of a new believer the basic principles of a life of faith. We believe that this process should be planned, intentional and monitored. Mature disciples are activated to disciple others.

Bible Distribution

Spiritual growth can be directly linked to the knowledge of the Word of God. We believe that new believers should all have access to the Bible in order to grow into mature disciples. This is why we have started the Bibles for Believers program in 2006, to supply the need for Bibles to believers in a discipleship program. We aim to place as many Bibles as possible in the hands of believers, in their mother tongue so that they can grow in their newfound faith.

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